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05Oct 2020

A call for multi skilled civil engineers in the modern Indian Infrastructure

Role of civil engineers will be of paramount importance in developing sustainable infrastructure to facilitate a bright future for modern India. Growth of the country is highly dependent on modern and facilitating infrastructure.
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30May 2020

Construction business or Job: Which is better for you?

Answer of this question depends upon who you are. ‘Who’ shall describe your personality or character and not just your qualification & gender or a family background. Many get fascinated by business; actually, by the authority that comes along with a ‘businessman’.
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21May 2020

Covid 19 corona pandemic - Planning for next normal & Learning for civil industry and institutes

Happy quarantine! Yes, that is what I can wish you all. I know, pause is not an end and show must go on. In this uncertain situation, one possible next normal is that decisions made during and after the crisis lead to less prosperity, slower growth, widening inequality, bloated government bureaucracies, and rigid borders.
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08 August 2019

Challenges for today’s Civil Engineers:

There was a headline in between:“Civil engineers today are collecting degrees despite not being skilled enough to be a productive part of the Indian economy”. It is a fact that not even 12% civil engineering graduates are found employable today. What’s wrong is happening with them and the civil engineering education in India?
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09 May 2019

Is civil engineering a good career choice?

Yeah, it’s a million dollar question today. Most of the civil graduates and working civil engineers are worried about their future.
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01 March 2019

Best Careers after civil engineering

A civil engineer / graduate has following options to make career into. It shall be a wise decision to Choose Career to ensure continuous growth.
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17 May 2018

Want to get job of your choice and good salary? Follow me then ..

Todays Civil graduate is found worried of getting a good job after studying 30 various subjects in his graduate studies. 4 years of study doesn’t give him an insight to begin a right career. He finds himself helpless, confused and tensed. Investment of around 6 to 7 lakh fetches no result.
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18 April 2017

Through spectacles of construction industry ..

I am a private construction industry which has potential to provide immense job opportunities and fulfil dreams of most of civil engineers in terms of financial and personal growth. Other than joining me, there are other avenues for fresh civil engineers such as making career in to government service, teaching, training, business, consultation, manufacturing and material supply. Those who want to join me shall be skilled, honest, sincere and ready to solve challenges of project time and cost overruns in all means possible. I have a pool of civil engineers but many are just qualified and experienced. I find them lacking in skills –mainly non-technical skills such as soft skills, functional skills, critical thinking, behavioural skills, life skills.
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18 May 2017

Am I a Engineer or Labor?

Rs 6000 to 8000/- a month. Do you know what this is? Salary of a BE Civil Engineer SORRY, BE Civil DEGREE HOLDER. What is the root cause of this panic situation? Today Civil Engineers have lost their dignity of being called as an ENGINEER. Industry has started treating them a as "educated Supervisor, may be labors” in some cases...! A mason today earns 700/- per day i.e. min. 21000 per month and daily wage of Mazdoor is 150 to 200 per day i.e. 6000 a month, that proves the statement made above..educatedlabor..!
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28 June 2017

The lost dignity of a civil engineer

Do you agree that a Civil Engineer today has lost his dignity? Where a fresh IT or Comp graduate gets 35K to 40K starting salary (for sitting in AC cabin & work), why a Civil Engineer is paid less than 10K for working in hot sun & heavy rain / cold? Can't Civil Industry afford higher salary or..a civil engineer doesn't deserve it? Ask yourself.

Didn't this question disturb you in BE? Might be, but then what a civil engineer does? A smart one chose easy way of changing the stream from Civil to IT..!!! If not this, then another smarter choice is GOVT EXAM.
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6 July 2017

Whether 'job happiness' is more imp or 'salary'?

वरवर पाहता थोडा अवघड वाटणारा प्रश्न आहे हा, बरोबर ..? आणि महत्वाचा पण ..! मित्र हो, कुठलीही गोष्ट अवघड तेंव्हाचं होते जेंव्हा आपल्याला त्या गोष्टीबद्दल पूर्ण माहिती नसते, आणि आपले त्या गोष्टीबद्दलचे वीव्हज क्लिअर नसतात. बऱ्याच वेळा आपल्यालाच काय नक्की करायचंय तेच माहित नसत किंवा पूर्णपणे पटलेलं नसत.. असं का होत बरं? कारण आपण आपल्या मनाला प्रश्न विचारायच्या ऐवजी त्याची उत्तर बाहेरच्या जगात शोधत असतो. हे सगळं आपल्या मनाशी, स्वतःशी निगडित असत पण आपण स्वतः वर विश्वास ठेवायच्या ऐवजी दुसऱ्यावर जास्त विसंबून राहतो आणि इथेच गोची होते.
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9 July 2017

MSPC..? or Service in industry ..?

How to decide? Is it a tough decision to take? ..umm.. ok. Let me make it simple. Before you take a decision, it is always important to understand BOTH SIDES of the coin means to know pros and cones of the job option. Are you really aware of what profile you will get after MPSC? May be not of your choice.. e.g. Department, Post, Roles /responsibilities, political pressure, type of projects, work culture/systems, increments, promotions, non technical works to be compulsorily executed ...etc. and are you prepared for it? I know one of my friends who got his 1st promotion after 17 YEARS in PWD. Understand this. You ONLY KNOW that there is power and job security .. right? But rose comes with thorns.. better know it first. TODAY there are 200 openings in MSPC out of which 19 are for open psots. Applications are more than 30 to 40 thousand. Do you have guaranty of selection? I think many are playing a gamble..
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