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Vidya Karale

Vidya Karale Head - Admission

PG Program in Construction Project Management
For Infra, Industrial & Real Estate Projects
1 Yr. Full Time | Internationally certified by EAL, UK

Batch size : 40 seats

Upcoming Batch : August 2023

Career Prospects of infini’s PGP in construction management: Become managers within 5-6 yrs.

Infini is a platform created by, for and to civil engineers. We know the pulse of each civil engineer and architect. While today’s freshers are unable to get good jobs on the basis of degree; infini’s post grads are in demand. Monthly salary of a graduate Civil Engineer / Architect is dropped down to less than 10,000/-. Infini’s post grads get 14 job options to choose and range of annual salary is 3 to 13 lakh. They get variety of options to choose from Real estate, Industrial and Infra projects such as Engineer -Planning, Estimation, Execution, Billing, Tendering & Contracts, QAQC, Purchase, Cost control, Project coordination, BIM. Few of infinians have become Managers just within 5 years after completion of course. Otherwise, an ordinary graduate takes 15-16 long years and there is no guarantee to reach to this success.

Prospects for architects:

Architects can learn skills to manage resources, prepare estimates, bidding & tendering, contracts monitoring, claims, project coordination, project scope management and auditing, Quality control and project management. This knowledge is very useful in managing Design-Build projects. They have ability to become a better project coordinator and a manger with the background of Architecture.
“Your degree doesn’t give you job; your ability does & we build abilities”

What makes infini’s PGP the best?

Infini’s PGP is the India’s only course assuring #JOB of CHOICE and #Flexibility in switching job profiles. Benefits of this course are many:

  • - Personalised career in matching with personality & career goal/interest.
  • - 100% placement, assurance of job readiness.
  • - Salaries from 25,000 to 1.10 lakh*per month.
  • - 14 job options to choose.
  • - 6 months on-site training by industry experts having 25 to 40 yrs. of exp.
  • - Fully practical, no theory, latest practices to learn.
  • - Accelerated leadership program for ‘smart jobs’.
  • - Highest ROI @3 to 5 faster growth
  • - Overall personality development and many more..

Why are we best? : Difference in infini’s PGP and other PG:

All of the PG programs designed are not aligned with latest industry requirements. Research oriented approach of PG studies is not found useful in the Indian construction industry. All the technology used in India is adaptation of foreign research and hence engineers who are good in application of this technology are mostly needed. Infini’s approach is completely different and better in many ways –

Comparison point Typical MTech and PG programs – from reputed institutes in metro cities Infini’s PGP
Faculty & Teaching methodology Mostly pure academicians with less or no site experience who can’t connect job requirements (practice) and theory. Typical classroom sessions & sharing of bookish knowledge won’t build confidence and gives clarity. All faculties are industry experts having 20 to 40 yrs. exp. who lived life of PM, GM, VP etc. They share live experience in case study form. More on-site training & less classroom training assures no gap in theory and practice.
Syllabus Age old and diluted course contents, misaligned from the latest practices, trends and industry requirements. Aligned with the changing needs of market trends and practices, inclusive of national and international standards, acts and legalities.
Placement Unsure / No campus. % has dropped to less than 30% during the pandemic. Assured job of choice, campus or off campus placement with 100% record in past 7 yrs. National and international placements.
Variety of job choices No or minimal. Sometime profiles offered are of banking and non-civil engineering. 14 job choices to select from core civil field.
Starting salary and job type Many gets salary from 2 to 2.5 lakh per annum and only few reaches to 4 to 5 lakh. Annual salary range is from 3 to 13 lakh.
Duration & Fees 2 Yr. duration Fees ranges from 5 to 16 lakh 1 Yr. duration means recovery of fees in the next yr. Fees is very less compared to other 2yrs programs.
Career vision Missing. Career path is not clear and not aligned with personal SWOT. 100% clear, personalized for each student. MBTI and SWOT, personalized counseling.
Examination Typical semester-end written exam or oral /online, which can’t define the real potential. Mostly number game! Written exam and Progress reviews in the form of viva conducted @ 1.5 months interval by the industry experts with focus on skills gap identification and AoI.
Site training / Internship Not provided & supervised by institute. No safety concerns. 100% provided by Infini on reputed company sites and mentored by industry expert & infini’s mentor. PPE kit and insurance is provided.
Recognition & Quality audits AICTE & UGC recognition, audits done once in 4 yrs. International by EAL recognition, worldwide accepted. Yearly audit.
Class strength & class conduct 20 to 90 students in one class. Classes may not be compulsory to attend! 40 max. in one class. Classes are compulsory to attend. Disciplined.
Post PG career support Not provided. Provided by sharing better career opportunities from India & abroad.
For details refer PPT

Think wise, choose right: Because everything glitters is not a gold!

Today industry has lost the trust on the marksheets and CGPA. Marksheets are not the correct diagnosis of the student’s potential. Mind it, jobs and good packages are given to the deserving candidates and not to desiring people. It’s a need of hour to Upskill and Upgrade. Today, Success ≠ Qualification + Experience. Job skills & attitude are most important that makes a difference.
In today’s market one shall be alert of the show business, cheating & false promises not be the prey of frauds. Ensure what is right for you. Be wise, choose right because

  • - 2 Yr. course ≠ more or in-depth learning
  • - Approved by University ≠ assured jobs
  • - Less fees & short duration ≠ proper training that you require
  • - Many PhD faculties ≠ practical learning
  • - Old institute / grand infra ≠ quality training

Why not MBA or typical PG, why PGP?

BTech Civil + MBA in construction management is an odd combination and believe it, there are no job vacancies for such candidates in Indian Civil Industry. MBA gives general business administration skills which are not useful for civil engineers in sites / projects. Subjects like marketing, organizational behaviour, HR, operation research, economics etc that are taught in MBA do not add any value for civil engineers to handle jobs in core civil field. In infini’s PG program, basic important skills needed for managing a project / site are included such as people management, strategic decision making, project finance. Being a Project Manager, it is important to manager cost, schedule, risk, quality, stakeholders, communication which is taught in infini’s PGP.

Need of PGP studies to succeed: Exposure of 180 skills

Civil industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Despite the legacy of civil engineering in India, and the huge requirement for qualified professionals working to develop the gaps in infrastructure and real estate, this field of study hasn't flourished, with the construction sector seeing a 6.27 per cent decline in employment according to a recent survey. In the preview of declining quality of education, infini’s PGP is a ray of hope to many fresh civil graduates to build strong career. It proved to be the shortest path of highest career to become good Project Managers within 5-6 yrs of relevant experience.
Infini’s PG in Construction Management is India’s best PG course for Civil Engineers & Architects to bridge skills gap in the current scenario. It aims to prepare them multi-tasking, multi-skilled professionals & future mangers. Overall personality is changed by developing not only technical and practical skills but also soft skills, software skills, attitude, mental & physical fitness. As one of the top construction management courses in India, this PG in Project Construction Management program is one of the best courses for civil engineers that aims to develop 151 different skills from Planning, Execution, Quality, Safety, Estimation, Tendering & Contracting, Billing, Basic HR & Finance areas; while 16 Corporate life skills & 13 life values are also imbibed.

What’s wrong with Indian education system:

Read article

Affiliation & International certification:

We are the recognised centre of EAL, UK. Students get EAL certificate. EAL stands for Excellence, Achievement and Leaning. It is a UK based organization that certifies professional courses all over the world and they have more than 650 difference courses. EAL certification is valid not only in Indian construction industry but all over the world. This course is not available with any AICTE or UGC. We are the only recognised centre of EAL operating from India. Refer details of EAL here. We have all our processes of training, internship, placement, assessment internationally audited by EAL itself.

How can syllabus complete in just 1 yr?

We work 7 hrs a day and 6 days a week. Out of 1 yr, 6 months training takes place on site where in you study various activities and get hands on experience of various subject / practical knowledge. Faculties train you there on site itself with real time live cases. This makes learning easier and faster. Syllabus is meticulously planned and all outdated & unwanted topics have been removed. Its fully focused on important subjects / job skills. It is like a concentrated dose of medicine that gives you quick results.

Duration & Eligibility

It is 1 yr. full time program consisting of 6 months on site training and 5 months of classroom training followed by 1 month of viva and placement.
This is one of the best courses after civil engineering & architectural studies, and hence requires an individual to be BE / BTech Civil Engineering / B.Arch. from AICTE recognized university having min. 55% overall marks.

  • - For architectural candidates, min. 6 mon. of experience is necessary.
  • - Age limit- 28 yrs.
  • - GATE score is not needed.
  • - Not advisable for handicapped and divyang candidates.

Site Internship - National & international: Motto is to make you Job ready

Internship of 6 months is the most important part of this course to bridge gap in theory & practice. This 6 month of site exposure is so rich that the knowledge gain and confidence building is equivalent to 3-4 years of on job experience. Infini faculties make it possible. All faculties are industry experts having 20 to 40 yrs of exp. who train students into various aspects of handling site, managing people & resources, solving site issues and share practical knowledge. They share a new perspective. Best sites of reputed companies from Pune / India are selected. If international market conditions are favourable, then international internship are possible. Many companies provide stipend that depends on their HR policy. For more details click here

Placement :

Placement in the area of interest is very much possible after PGP. It is a systematically designed process to work from part to whole to build your character to suite a particular profile. Irrespective of past history, based on knowledge gain in PGP, students may get job of Engineer, Sr. Engineer or Management Trainee in Execution, Planning, Estimation, Billing, Quality control, Tendering & Contracting, Purchase, Cost control in sector of choice i.e. Real estate, Industrial and Infra. It is the India’s only course offering job of choice and flexibility in switching job profile. Salaries depends on calibre, past experience & sector. It can range from 25000 to 60000/- per month. For details click here

dream job

Admission Procedure:

Admission to this course is given to the deserving & eligible candidates who clear our entrance PI round which is conducted in online mode. Permissible attempts for admission: Max. 2 per batch.

1. Fill application form - Apply online

2. Pay application form fees of Rs. 750/-

3. Submit all documents along with application from (soft copies).

4. Attend counselling session in case of any doubt to be resolved before appearing for the exam.

5. Appear for entrance Personal Interview round.

6. If selected, avail offer letter.

7. Pay Registration fees & confirm the admission.


False or misleading information / misbehaviour will lead to cancelation of admission. It is students’ sole responsibility to get all clarity of the course before applying. All rights are reserved. Fee is non-refundable. Admission is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Fees & Scholarships Details:

Academic fees include all expenses incurred on training, examination, internship, placement, events, library, insurance, PPE and does not include hotel, mess or travelling charges. Fee mentioned here is of on-going batch and may change from year to year. All payments are accepted only in cheque or through net banking. There is no discount or reservations.

Fee of this course is an investment for assuring a bright future.

Academic fees include all expenses incurred on training, examination, internship, placement, events, library, insurance, PPE and does not include hotel, mess or travelling charges. Fee mentioned here is of on-going batch and may change from year to year. All payments are accepted only in cheque or through net banking. There is no discount or reservations.

Candidate fitting into more than one scholarship will avail the one with a higher amount only

Scholarship for Professionals (having on site experience in civil industry) Rs. 30,000/-

Education Loan:

100% loan is available from HDFC bank, Saraswat bank, and Cosmos bank. Loan repayment period varies from from 3 to 7 years based on EMI amount. CIBIL score is a basis to be qualified for the loan. Based on your total family income, the loan amount is finalised by the bank. In some cases loan for Laptop and living expenses also granted from case to case

Document list for the education loan:

Applicant i.e. Student’s documents

1. Pan card, school bonafide or TC

2. 10th, 12th, graduation mark sheet, educational gap certificate if any

3. Photos – 2 numbers

4. College / institute fee structure

Co-applicant documents (Must be Father or Mother)

1. Pan card

2. Latest 3 months’ salary slip OR business proof shop act etc.

3. Latest 6 months’ bank statement up to current date

4. Latest electricity bill for self-accommodation or valid rent agreement with owner’s latest light bill

5. Photos – 2 numbers

6. Cheques – 2 numbers

Xerox of all above documents with self-attestation. Carry original for verification.

Fast Return on Investment

Quality comes with cost. If you are suffering from a major illness then to have a correct diagnosis & right treatment you prefer a well-known specialist than a general physician. It is like that. We have best industry experts (not junior level professors or pure academicians), life coaches, counsellors, yoga trainers. It is a cost being paid towards efforts put up by 12 such subject matter experts who work continuously for 1 long year on your development. Why you go with Nike or Addidas brand than a local made shoe? It’s quality that gives you comfort, quality and long life. So, when it comes to your career why to compromise? If you want to build confidence, get site experience, develop personality, learn software and soft skills, build attitude, and ultimately get good job of 4-6 lakh package, you got to believe in investment in infini’s PGP. This investment is far lesser than 16-17 lakh being charged by some institutes and gives no assurance of career building. You may have an option to get a MTech or ME degree in 2 to 3 lakh as well without attending classes. It’s your choice whether to get one more degree or build a strong career by working on skills and personality gaps.

Hostel & Accommodation

Infini provides full support in getting a good accommodation in reasonable budget in the proximity of the institute. We have tie ups with boys and girls hostels & PG apartments owners which are within 2 Km distance. Cost of living (food and stay) in Pune is approx. 7000 to 8000/- a month that depends on lifestyle. There are ample options of mess available to get variety of food in nearby hotels and mess like Maharashtrian, South Indian, Nagpur style, Punjabi, Jain food etc.

Why not online? : As swimming, civil engineering can’t be taught in classroom

Studies of civil engineering is like learning swimming; which is not possible by classroom lectures. One has to be trained on-site to know work culture and site adaptation. On site testing & dealing with live challenges can’t be replaced by lab practicals & one day site visit. On-sites issues and their solution identification can’t be modelled into few mathematical problems or formulae. One has to understand all logic of managing resources and a project, deal with labourers, face clients, attend audits. It needs live training on site to understand pain in meeting tight deadlines and achieving scope. It is not possible online or by classroom coaching.



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