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Am I a Engineer or Labor?

Rs 6000 to 8000/- a month. Do you know what this is? Salary of a BE Civil Engineer SORRY, BE Civil DEGREE HOLDER. What is the root cause of this panic situation? Today Civil Engineers have lost their dignity of being called as an ENGINEER. Industry has started treating them a as "educated Supervisor, may be labors” in some cases...! A mason today earns 700/- per day i.e. min. 21000 per month and daily wage of Mazdoor is 150 to 200 per day i.e. 6000 a month, that proves the statement made above..educatedlabor..!

What made a civil engineer loose its dignity? Whom to blame? Education system? Industry? Teachers? Whom..? The fact is, ultimately, a civil engineer becomes a culprit, a end sufferer of all this and not AICTE or UGC or any Institute. How to overcome this? It is like chicken first or egg?

What's job guarantee? Many students & parents during counseling ask this question to me. It's just like asking to clamp with single hand.! ..एका हाताने टाळी वाजवायला सांगण्यासारखे आहे .. Still I dare to say them, yes we can give guarantee SUBJECTED to you put your 100% in this course..isn't it logical? It may not be their mistake because after BE Civil today AICTE has declared that more than 80% engineers are unemployable.

Question here is why? If a student is investing 4 yrs and few lakh in becoming BE Civil, why institutes are unable to place him? Are there no jobs in the market? No, there are jobs available but industry is not happy with the quality of BE Civil student. Engineer is one who is able to apply fundamentals into practice, and today's BE Civil degree holder is not confident of doing anything correct, not even taking measurements on site..! How will he solve issues / challenges of the industry? Why shall he call himself as an ENGINEER then? Hence industry treat him as 'TRAINEE' any pay similar to start the journey of dissatisfaction, regret, disappointment, and unhappiness.

-Sameer Alone
Founder Director & CEO
BE Civil, ME (C&M), MIE, LMICI

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8 April 2017

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