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MSPC..? or Service in industry ..?

How to decide? Is it a tough decision to take? ..umm.. ok. Let me make it simple. Before you take a decision, it is always important to understand BOTH SIDES of the coin means to know pros and cones of the job option. Are you really aware of what profile you will get after MPSC? May be not of your choice.. e.g. Department, Post, Roles /responsibilities, political pressure, type of projects, work culture/systems, increments, promotions, non technical works to be compulsorily executed ...etc. and are you prepared for it? I know one of my friends who got his 1st promotion after 17 YEARS in PWD. Understand this. You ONLY KNOW that there is power and job security .. right? But rose comes with thorns.. better know it first. TODAY there are 200 openings in MSPC out of which 19 are for open psots. Applications are more than 30 to 40 thousand. Do you have guaranty of selection? I think many are playing a gamble.. २०० जण १ पोस्ट साठी ..!!! लागला मटका तर लागला .. नाहीतर बघू .. पण किती वर्ष बघू ..? आणि नाहीच समजा झालं selection तर पुढे काय ..? वय वाढत, कॉन्फिडन्स कमी होतो, competition वाढत जाते, जबाबदारी वाढते .. नंतर कळत नाही काय नक्की करू ?

There are few positive points also. Posts have influential powers to execute orders, to make things correct and right, to ensure quality of work, to stop /check bad practices etc. But you need lot of courage to do so, even in the absence of conducive culture / system. People want government post for security and prestige. Does it mean that all other people who are not government employees have no prestige and security? My question here is who needs security and why? If you have guts, confidence, competency why to worry about it. And prestige has to be earned by doing all good actions in life.

While job in construction industry is definitely an alternative for govt. job.. There is a surety of job. Surety of posting, choice for selection of most apt job profile, increments are guaranteed and promotions can be achieved regularly with efforts. Here there is performance based appraisals. Here equation of success is based on your talent, and not only age / experience.. here are are lot of challenges and satisfaction as well..Here also we serve the NATION.. you need not be always employee of government to serve nation.

So friends, it is up to you.. to have hutke choice in you life..

-Sameer Alone
Founder Director & CEO
BE Civil, ME (C&M), MIE, LMICI

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