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The lost dignity of a civil engineer

Do you agree that a Civil Engineer today has lost his dignity? Where a fresh IT or Comp graduate gets 35K to 40K starting salary (for sitting in AC cabin & work), why a Civil Engineer is paid less than 10K for working in hot sun & heavy rain / cold? Can't Civil Industry afford higher salary or..a civil engineer doesn't deserve it? Ask yourself.

Didn't this question disturb you in BE? Might be, but then what a civil engineer does? A smart one chose easy way of changing the stream from Civil to IT..!!! If not this, then another smarter choice is GOVT EXAM. Why? (May be a wrong question). I know, you will say sir, ऐसा क्या, प्रेस्टीज, जॉब सेक्यूररटी है ना, वो प्राइवेट इन्डस्ट्री मे कहााँ है ??Waw ! It means जो लोग प्राइवेट इन्डस्ट्री में काम करते है उनको प्रेस्टीज है ही नहीों ..वो सब जॉब छोड के घर बैठे है ..

No my friends. Think twice. Prestige is to be earned, it won't come 'free' with the post and not the property of GOVT to offer it to you with job. And Security! It is needed by those who don't have confidence in themselves, who are not enough potential of accepting job responsibilities. Why to fear to loose job? Is it so difficult to get a good job and maintain it? NO, NEVER. In Infini, i have seen my students (BE Civil + 1 yr PGP with 0 yrs of exp) getting 20K, 25K and profile of their OWN CHOICE - Engineer Estimation, Engineer Planning + Execution.. Why did it happen?

Friends, remember, हम शादी उसी से करते है जो हमें पसंद हो ..जिसके 'गुण' हमारे 'गुण' से मिलते हो.. Industry also search for the 'BEST MATCH'.. The match between 'job requirements' and 'skills set'. If you fit in to it, you get job. You just need to prepare for it (job skills).

याद कीजिये ये वो ४ साल जो इंजीनियरिंग में बिताये है..हमारी हालत वो गजनी के आमिर जैसी हो गई है .. But it is also true that without a good civil engineer, life is hell. Choice is yours..!

-Sameer Alone
Founder Director & CEO
BE Civil, ME (C&M), MIE, LMICI

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8 April 2017

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