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Want to get job of your choice and good salary? Follow me then ..

Todays Civil graduate is found worried of getting a good job after studying 30 various subjects in his graduate studies. 4 years of study doesn’t give him an insight to begin a right career. He finds himself helpless, confused and tensed. Investment of around 6 to 7 lakh fetches no result. Though he gets a job, salary range is just 8 to 9000/- which is not attractive and worth getting. Alas..! Costly further education, existing loan and family background many times prompt him go for option of MPSC and competitive exams. As this option is selected without knowing facts, suitability and future analysis, he dares to spend a year or two and few more lakh of rupees; but finds himself back to square one again. Now he becomes demotivated and frustrated. He compares himself with his other friends who may be doing some or the other job, PG or NICMAR or MS etc etc. It bothers him like anything. But helpless Civil Engineer then may think to give up or get whatever job comes to his way. Here start journey of dissatisfaction.

Actually getting a good job is easy. It needs introspection and special training in area of interest. We at infini help such civil engineers with counselling to find a right path. Our Short term and full time PG program are helping many to get a RIGHT Career path with apt salary and job of their choice. Remember Qualification and Experience makes you eligible but Confidence, Practical Knowledge, Skills, Vision and Attitude make you deserving ..!

-Sameer Alone
Founder Director & CEO
BE Civil, ME (C&M), MIE, LMICI

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I am a private construction industry which has potential to provide immense job opportunities and fulfil dreams of most of civil engineers in terms of financial and personal growth.

8 April 2017

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