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Covid 19 corona pandemic - Planning for next normal & Learning for civil industry and institutes

Happy quarantine! Yes, that is what I can wish you all. I know, pause is not an end and show must go on. In this uncertain situation, one possible next normal is that decisions made during and after the crisis lead to less prosperity, slower growth, widening inequality, bloated government bureaucracies, and rigid borders. The good is at next door and one needs to pass the first one. There are chances that decisions made will lead to a burst of innovation and productivity, more resilient industries, smarter government at all levels, and the emergence of a reconnected world. Neither is inevitable; indeed, the outcome is probably more likely to be a mix. Resiliency and efficiency will be the key to survival and long-term prosperity. (McKinsey & Company Report, April 2020).

Digital commerce and automation will prove to be the decisive turning point. Indeed, as businesses are forced to do more with less, many are finding better, faster, simpler, less expensive ways to operate. The coronavirus is forcing both the pace and scale of workplace innovation. The construction industry, sooner or later, will be the part of this change. We are marching towards ‘contact free economy’ and the one who will adopt changes only will survive. Hence it is a high alert for all working professionals and also professors to go with the flow and help make this change better, easier and smoother.

By now, the anxiety of lockdown is over but everyone is confused and waiting for next normal way to put life back on the track. Students are worried of exams, graduation and jobs, competitive exams & results. Working professionals are worried of job security, income, loan EMIs, meeting expenses etc. Businessmen are waiting to get go ahead to restart sites. Institutions await for government’s signal to cancel / take exams. Everyone is having some sort of fear!

Whatever happens, happens for the best. If it is true then we have to look for that ‘best’. Companies in absence of enough labors, engineers & material supply can’t start sites. Cutting cost and restricting overheads is a prime motto for them now. Institutes are trying hard to switch most of the operations to online mode. Teaching online is ok but online examination are posing many questions and risks. Not all students and working professionals are able to give justice to learn & / work online. Network is an issue. 24 x 7 sitting at home has posed challenge for mental and physical health fitness. All recruitments are on hold. What is positive in this?

If you look around, you will see that nature has become more pleasant. Yes, its rejuvenation taking place all around for a better tomorrow. It’s all ok to be a part of this. Company authorities can review their strategic business plans, do performance benchmarking, review / audit / draft SoPs and yes, develop human assets. Working professionals can invest in self-development, reskilling and upskilling. Civil engineering students can undergo selected online courses, develop new hobbies. We all can invest in mental and physical health, soft skills & personality. If stress management is needed in professional life, let’s get hands-on in this lockdown, let’s make ourselves efficient and resilient for better tomorrow.

Be safe, Be online..

- Sameer Alone
Founder Director & CEO
BE Civil, ME (C&M), MIE, LMICI

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