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Is civil engineering a good career choice?

Yeah, it’s a million dollar question today. Most of the civil graduates and working civil engineers are worried about their future. Many of them have witnessed poor salaries. There is a lot of frustration and I noticed that they are loosing confidence by witnessing poor packages and decreased jobs. Supervisory roles are being asked them to do with salaries less than a mazdoor can earn! A fresh graduate whom I met last time was planning to do MBA after civil engineering in search of a lucrative career option. Considering all this scenario one can say, Civil engineering is not a good career choice today..!! Wait, wait.. it’s partially true. There is always an other side of a coin which we normally ignore.

Jobs are available, but to those who meet job requirements; lucrative salaries are there, but to those who prove deservedness. Ayush, a fresh BE Graduate from Nagpur (2015) is now working as a Manager-QS on Railway project with package of 6 lakh. Shubham Hake, another civil graduate (2016) is now working as a Project Engineer on Industrial project earning 4.56 lakh. There can be hundreds of other engineers whose examples I can quote here. Those were ordinary civil graduates but later acquired advance level skills which helped them change their growth pattern and differentiate from all others. Isn’t it surprising that a normal graduate becomes a Manager just within 3 years? What made Ayush transform from a graduate to an engineer and then to a manager?

My civil engineering friends, today you don’t have your vision, your personal brand, your career path to lead a life and hence, industry drives you the way it wants..! You need to get confidence and job skills to handle work responsibilities. Once you are trained into it, industry will pay you good salary, offer higher posts & appreciate your knowledge. Other than designing and site engineer posts there are other options available to day for you such as – Engineer Estimation / QS, Quality control, Planning, Contracts, Project Coordination, Procurement, Billing etc. These all are skilled positions and you need to get trained for it. Industry is desperately looking for skilled work forced to handle these responsibilities. A civil engineer can surely get a good job in these options.

Here at Infini Institute, Pune in Construction Management course we help you create your ‘personal brand’ by transforming you from a graduate to an engineer and prospective project manager / businessman. It can create a new horizon for you to lead your life and make career into it.

Think career.. Think Infini’s PGP.

-Sameer Alone
Founder Director & CEO
BE Civil, ME (C&M), MIE, LMICI

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